What To Expect

Here’s What To Expect From Our Children's Therapy Services

It all starts with a phone call or e-mail, insurance check, then an appointment with an ITS therapist.


Our child therapy services begin with a comprehensive evaluation. We retrieve all relevant medical information. We use standardized tools as needed and appropriate.


Parent/Caregiver concerns are reviewed. Functional impairments are assessed clinically and these limitations along with parental goals become the focus and objective of the program.


The treatment plan is a collaborative process between the therapist and family members. It is available for all of our services offered, such as language & speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and applied behavior analysis. The child’s progress is monitored and re-evaluated on a consistent basis to ensure that goals are being met. Parent/caregivers are given a home program of activities that are easily incorporated into their daily routine. Referrals to other medical professionals are recommended based on clinical observation.


Infinite Therapy Solutions has developed Explain and Train, a program designed specifically to optimize your child’s potential.  Our therapists will review treatment techniques and exercises that were utilized during that day’s therapy session. They will discuss with the parent and/or caregiver a home pediatric therapy program designed specifically for your child.  These programs can be practiced throughout the day so that your child is continually progressing towards their individualized goals.

At ITS, we believe you should feel empowered with all the knowledge and tools needed for success.