Speech Therapy

Sounds Like...

Some children have trouble saying certain sounds, others have trouble understanding words, and others are not verbal yet. ITS Speech therapists are licensed speech and language pathologists who will bridge the gap between what your child comprehends and how to help them better communicate. Through simple effective activities and treatments, your child will have fun while improving their speech.

ITS speech therapists work with children with speech and language disorders that include:

  • articulation disorders- difficulty producing sounds or saying words incorrectly to the point where others cannot understand
  • fluency disorders -  problems with the flow of speech such as stuttering
  • resonance or voice disorders-  problems with pitch, volume, or quality of voice
  • receptive disorders- difficulty processing language
  • expressive language- difficulty putting words together
  • cognitive communication disorders- difficulty with communication due to memory, attention, organization, and problem solving
  • augmentative/ alternative communication
  • feeding issues- refusing foods, difficulty swallowing, and chewing
  • executive function skills