Unlock Your Child's Communicative Abilities With Our Speech and Language Therapy

Infinite Therapy Solutions has the experts your child needs

Don't watch your child struggle with speech problems - work with Infinite Therapy Solutions for children's language and speech therapy. Our pediatric speech therapy clinicians can help bridge the gap between what your child comprehends and how to help them better communicate through simple, effective activities and treatments.

Infinite Therapy Solutions can help your child with:

• Milestone delays
• Issues with sounds, syllables and words
• Tongue thrust
• Stuttering
• Augmentative/Alternative communication

You'll rest easy knowing your child is on the road to improving their speech and language abilities when you choose Infinite Therapy Solutions. Schedule an appointment with our children's speech therapists as soon as possible by calling 201-455-3144.

Dedicated to helping your child improve their social skills

Watch your child gain better social skills with outpatient speech therapy, including group meetings that work on emotions and frustrations. Our speech and behavioral therapists use a variety of therapeutic techniques and exercises, including picture systems and communication assistance devices.

In addition to speech and language therapy, Infinite Therapy Solutions can also help your child with behavioral, occupational and physical therapy, either in our facility or at home. Tell our clinicians about your child's special needs today and talk with our children's speech therapists today.

Socially Savvy

Social Skills Group

Social skills groups are offered in our clinic to provide children experiencing difficulties interacting with their peers and adults an opportunity to learn functional pragmatic skills. These specialized groups are designed to help children learn and improve the specific skills needed to address various social challenges they may face in the community. ITS is offering a uniquely designed social skills group that is devised to develop and enhance social communication and peer awareness through role-playing, peer interaction, and cooperative play. Each group runs for one hour a week and targets various social goals including establishing and maintaining eye contact, verbal and nonverbal conversational skills, enhancing peer awareness, understanding body language, developing problem solving skills and self-regulation skills. These groups are appropriate for children who are demonstrating delays or difficulties with socialization, including children with ADD/ADHD, autism, anxiety, and learning disabilities. These groups are offered for children age four and up and are formed based on age and developmental level.

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