Sensory Processing Skill Development

How Infinite Therapy Solutions Can Help Your Child!

The focus of occupational therapy may include the facilitation of normal development, the promotion of age appropriate daily living skills, and training for the use of assistive technology. Pediatric occupational therapists promote the development of fine motor skills/handwriting, cognitive abilities, visual perceptual skills, self-help skills, and sensory processing skills.

Sensory Skills Development

Sensory processing skills refer to all of the sights, sounds, tactile information, movement and balance, and body positions that we receive and perceive through our bodies. For some individuals this information is not received and/or interpreted the correct way. As a result, a child may present with the following:
*Difficulty interacting with others
*Behavioral difficulties in school and at home
*Difficulty regulating emotions
*Learning difficulties
*Difficulty with simple everyday tasks
*Poor coordination and organizational skills

Sensory Occupational Therapy

At Infinite Therapy Solutions, our therapists are well trained and experienced to deal with these types of issues. Treatment plans, including setting up sensory processing goals and training activities, are tailored to the child’s individual needs and abilities. The goal is to provide children with sensory solutions by helping them do better with activities that they are struggling with and also to help them tolerate things that are intolerable to them. We work closely with parents and families to help them better understand “why” their child is demonstrating these behaviors and what they can do at home to remediate them. Help your child’s development by contacting us to schedule an appointment today!