Watch Your Child Improve Their Gross Motor Skills With Our Children's Physical Therapy

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Is your baby having trouble crawling? Was your little one injured playing sports? If you've noticed your child isn't showcasing appropriate gross motor skills for their age, and want more information, make an appointment with our Children's Physical Therapists at Infinite Therapy Solutions in Bayonne, NJ.

Our clinicians have the milestones with pediatric physical therapy experience and exercises to help your child with:

• Rolling
• Sitting
• Crawling
• Standing
• Walking
• Pre- and post-surgical rehabilitation
• Sports injuries

We focus on using safe and successful physical therapy techniques to give you and your child the tools you both need to improve strength, mobility and function. Call 201-455-3144 now to schedule your consultation with our children's physical therapists today.

Help your little one achieve countless milestones with in-facility or in-home pediatric physical therapy

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