Concerned With Your Child's Ability to Live Life to their Fullest?

Choose Infinite Therapy Solutions in Bayonne, NJ for occupational therapy for children

If you’ve noticed your child isn’t developing their skills as quickly or as well as they should, turn to Infinite Therapy Solutions for help. We’re dedicated to working with your child while giving you the tools you need to continue working with them at home.

Our clinicians have the skills and knowledge to help your child with:

• Developmental milestones
• Poor handwriting
• Clumsiness
• Weak muscles
• Difficulty playing a game
• Difficulty using utensils
• Over/Under Stimulation to sound and/or touch
• Motor planning
• Body awareness

Infinite Therapy Solutions uses numerous techniques and activities to help your child reach their fullest potential. Schedule a consultation with our children's occupational therapists today for early intervention by calling 862-223-8002.

Let your child flourish with caring clinicians

We focus on providing a stimulating environment where your child will learn how to enhance their abilities and reach the goals set for them. In addition to occupational therapy, we can also help you with physical, speech, language and behavioral.

Speak with our Bayonne, NJ clinicians about your child’s occupational therapy needs as soon as possible.

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