Client Testimonial

At Infinite Therapy Solutions, we are proud to offer both clinic and in-home physical therapy, behavioral therapy, speech and language therapy, and occupational therapy. We pride ourselves on meeting the needs of your child - no matter what level or type of therapy they need to succeed. Our therapists are experts in their field and have over 40 years of experience combined. With advanced training, passion, and dedication to advancement, we understand the importance of helping your child grow and reach their goals. We want you to feel confident in our skills as soon as you arrive at our clinic. We would like to share a recent interview that we completed with a parent that uses our in-home services for her child. We know how important it is to feel confident in the services a therapist is providing to your child so we invite you to see what another parent, just like you, had to say:

Q: How did you feel the initial conversation was when you first called Infinite Therapy Solutions inquiring about services?

A: I found the company on Facebook, in a group. So, I believe that I actually messaged them first and then I did have a conversation with Poonam. It was just awesome. Poonam was a great listener. I shared our concerns and gave her background. She had great questions to ask so that she could fully understand what it was I thought my daughter needed. I think I was definitely struck by what she could offer to address those needs. I actually feel like there was a lot of information shared and gained. So I felt really good about moving ahead.

Q: Were the therapists who came to work with your daughter personable and able to make a connection?

A: Oh my gosh, very personable. And I mean, to the point that my daughter, Mary, and Poonam still keep in touch. A personal relationship was definitely made. The speech therapist who worked with Mary for a time was so positive and encouraging and really boosted Mary’s confidence. And then would spend probably 15 extra minutes talking about what they were doing as far as activities and what she saw for Mary down the line. Talking about how Mary’s personality was making part of her day positive as well. So I was definitely struck by the relationships that were formed relatively quickly and the responsiveness to Mary was very positive.

Q: Were the therapists knowledgeable and did they work cohesively? (Mary had Speech Therapy and Physical Therapy)

A: It was probably Poonam’s idea to co-treat, so to come together, is not something that is typically done. They formed a relationship, made a plan, and came in prepared with goals and objectives in mind while together to achieve them really well. It was a great idea to do this with Mary and I thought it was really well executed.

Q: Were they trustworthy and did you feel comfortable with them in your home?

A: Yes, I felt comfortable from the first moment and they are definitely trustworthy. The way that they fulfilled what they said they would do in terms of timeliness, scheduling, and time spent with Mary each week, showed me that trust was well placed. Our comfort level through the whole family was certainly evident - and the dog loves them too.

Q: In the "explain and train" portion of their therapy (last 15 min), did the therapists speak to you about Mary's session, how it went, and what you could work on until the next session?

A: Absolutely. We were consistently kept up to date with the different therapies, the different approaches being taken with Mary, the reasoning behind what was being done was definitely explained. The goals for what was hoping to be achieved were set out clearly and explained. We could see good work towards them - results as well.

Q: When Mary was discharged from therapy, did the therapists give you home programming ideas and follow up on her continuum of care?

A: Absolutely. The great thing is that when we decided to sort of move on and Mary was discharged, Poonam had a suggestion for further work with another individual who is since been working with us for about a month and is absolutely fantastic. If we can’t have Poonam, having this other therapist is great. It has definitely been the right step forward for Mary. It was a great suggestion and because of Poonam’s follow up, this therapist is now in place and working really well with our daughter.

Q: Did you have trouble with billing processes or was it smooth?

A: It was smooth. If there were any bumps it was on us. I really did appreciate it. I think the office does an incredible job of educating themselves about our insurance and then, thereby educating us, making sure that we know where we stand with insurance. They take in a lot of that communication about insurance upon themselves and that was really appreciated.

Q: How was your overall experience and would you recommend Infinite Therapy Solutions to others?

A: I feel very invested in their success because of everything we received. The knowledge and expertise that Poonam brings - I’m sure everyone she works with really admires the Infinite Therapy Solutions team and I feel lucky that we got to know her and the company. I really do trust Poonam and her staff to take good care of not only the individual receiving services, but the parents and the family that are supporting that person. They really do such a nice job of helping people grow, improve, and get stronger. They definitely take into account everyone’s goals and really work hard to achieve them.

How Infinite Therapy Solutions Helps

Infinite Therapy Solutions makes it possible to provide your child with the therapy they need to progress in their development. Services include:

Our goal is to reach every single child that needs treatment whether in the home or in our clinic. When transportation is a hurdle to receiving quality treatment, we are happy to meet families in the home and provide the services your child needs to succeed. To learn more about the various services offered by Infinite Therapy Solutions, call us at 201-455-3144 and we will be happy to talk to you about what we can do to help your child. Reviews for Infinite Therapy Solutions can be found on our site to help you better understand how we work with every family that works with us. Infinite Therapy reviews can also be found through internet searches on the general web.