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At What Age Should Speech Therapy Begin?

Your child’s first words are a momentous occasion. Learning to speak is one of many milestones that parents take great pride in documenting. Children develop at different rates which means some may say their first words much later than others. In most cases, a child missing one or two milestones isn’t a big deal. Children

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Do Developmentally Delayed Toddlers Catch Up?

If you are asking yourself can a child with developmental delays catch up, the answer is it depends on whether the issue is a delay or a disability. Developmentally delayed symptoms can include a clear inability to catch up developmentally with peers and is not just a matter falling slightly behind. Activities for developmentally delayed

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Helping Your Toddler With Speech Delays

The moment a child is born, he or she will begin to communicate with the outside world spending a considerable amount of energy advancing their communication skills. It truly is amazing to watch a child hone their ability to express themselves and learn and use new words! But what if your child’s speech isn’t developing

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Hypotonia in Children: This is What You Need to Know About Low Muscle Tone

Hypotonia is a decrease in muscle tone that can manifest in a variety of ways. Children who struggle to hold up their head, have language issues, or don’t have good motor control can be diagnosed with hypotonia which may be the culprit of all the issues present. When your child is diagnosed with hypotonia, a

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Expressive Language Delay and Autism: Late Talkers Speech Therapy

Worried that your child isn’t talking yet? In many cases, there’s no cause for alarm when a child is a late talker. Most children will develop language skills in their own time, and some develop language faster than others. However, since it’s estimated that between 15-25% of young children have some type of communication disorder,

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Infinite Therapy Solutions Testimonial: See What This Client Had to Say About Us

At Infinite Therapy Solutions, we are proud to offer both clinic and in-home physical therapy, behavioral therapy, speech and language therapy, and occupational therapy. We pride ourselves on meeting the needs of your child – no matter what level or type of therapy they need to succeed.

Why Is My Child Not Speaking? How To Know If Your Child May Need Speech Therapy

You just can’t wait to hear your child’s first words, so when those first words are slow to come it can be both disappointing and worrisome. You’re left wondering, why is my child not speaking? Is there a problem? Should I be considering speech therapy for toddlers? The good news – most kids that talk

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