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How To Choose The Best Pediatric Therapist For Your Child

When you first start to consider finding a therapist for your child, you have to remember the therapist will be helping you as well. It’s essential that you find a therapist who can treat your child and also assist you in learning how to work with your child at home. You will need to look […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Sensory Gyms for Children’s Physical Therapy

If you are told your child needs a sensory gym for autism, you may need some context. Sensory gyms can help kids who are on the autism spectrum, because playing on the equipment improves body awareness. While a trampoline is fun for a child, it is also teaching balance and improving strength.

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Hypotonia in Children: This is What You Need to Know About Low Muscle Tone

Hypotonia is a decrease in muscle tone that can manifest in a variety of ways. Children who struggle to hold up their head, have language issues, or don’t have good motor control can be diagnosed with hypotonia which may be the culprit of all the issues present. When your child is diagnosed with hypotonia, a […]

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Infinite Therapy Solutions Testimonial: See What This Client Had to Say About Us

At Infinite Therapy Solutions, we are proud to offer both clinic and in-home physical therapy, behavioral therapy, speech and language therapy, and occupational therapy. We pride ourselves on meeting the needs of your child – no matter what level or type of therapy they need to succeed.

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