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Do Developmentally Delayed Toddlers Catch Up?

If you are asking yourself can a child with developmental delays catch up, the answer is it depends on whether the issue is a delay or a disability. Developmentally delayed symptoms can include a clear inability to catch up developmentally with peers and is not just a matter falling slightly behind. Activities for developmentally delayed

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3 Ways Occupational Therapy Can Help Your Child’s Motor Skills

If you are asking yourself why would a child need occupational therapy, it’s time to consider what an occupational therapist does. Your child may be struggling to meet development milestones. When your child has poor fine motor skills, an occupational therapist can help your child improve these skills. Your child may have difficulty grasping objects,

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Occupational Therapy for Children with ADHD/Learning Disorders

When your child is diagnosed with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), a therapy assessment can provide you with exercises and activities to improve attention that you are looking for. An occupational therapist will use ADHD occupational therapy tools to teach your child the skills they need to succeed. If your child struggles with daily activities and organizational

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Hypotonia in Children: This is What You Need to Know About Low Muscle Tone

Hypotonia is a decrease in muscle tone that can manifest in a variety of ways. Children who struggle to hold up their head, have language issues, or don’t have good motor control can be diagnosed with hypotonia which may be the culprit of all the issues present. When your child is diagnosed with hypotonia, a

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Everything You Need to Know About How To Stop Toe Walking

Toe walking occurs for a number of reasons. There are multiple options available for correction, including braces for toe walking. However, if you’re looking for how to stop toe walking completely, therapies can be helpful in easing the process and creating comfortable habits. If your child complains about pain in toes, or is diagnosed with

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Tips for Trick or Treating with Sensory Processing Disorder

With October 31st rapidly approaching, our team at Infinite Therapy Solutions in Hudson County, NJ is ready to help you have a successfully spooky Halloween! We’re happy to address your questions about how to co-manage your child’s sensory processing disorder and trick or treating so you and your family can have a fun, engaging, and

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Down syndrome Facts for Down syndrome Awareness Month

It’s October, which means here at Infinite Therapy Solutions, our community is celebrating National Down Syndrome Awareness Month! To help others learn more about people with Down syndrome, we’re sharing a few interesting facts about this common condition.

What You Need to Know About Sensory Processing Disorder in Toddlers & Children

Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) was originally associated with autism. In fact, for many years it was considered a “symptom” of Autism until a breakthrough study conducted in 2013 found that there was a biological basis to the study separating it from other types of neurological disorders. New research has found that your child can have

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What is the Proper Pencil Grip Development for Children?

Why is correct pencil grip important? The simple answer is because incorrect grip can negatively affect joint health and hinder the legibility and speed of one’s writing. It is imperative to ensure that your child has the proper pencil grip as they develop throughout their younger years. Infinite Therapy Solutions goes in-depth on the correct

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Finding Out If Your Child Needs Occupational Therapy And How It Can Help

Buttoning a jacket, tying a shoe, tolerating noisy crowds – it is easy to take these skills for granted. But for many children, learning these tasks is challenging. Occupational therapists specialize in helping children with and without disabilities master these and related skills.