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What to Expect When Seeking Pediatric Therapy at Infinite Therapy Solutions

Having a child with special needs often means needing physical, speech, or occupational therapy. Each of these types of training can be critical to help your child hit their developmental milestones and gain mastery and confidence in various life skills. Infinite Therapy Solutions can provide the essential training your child needs, from passionate therapists who […]

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The Anatomy of a Meltdown and How to Treat It

The emotional and physical explosion that makes up a meltdown is difficult for you, but for little ones, they’re pretty exhausting. Consider just how difficult it can be for you, as an adult, to get past disappointment or frustration. Now imagine being a little kid without perspective or developmental tools to understand a frustrating situation. […]

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Parent Testimonial: How Infinite Therapy Solutions Empowers Families

Choosing a therapy center for your children can be so overwhelming. At Infinite Therapy Solutions, we are with you every step of the way to ensure success at home, school, and with friends. We are well-known in the Bayonne and West Orange communities for excellent relationships with educators, pediatricians, and other childhood professionals. Our combined […]

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The Importance of Self-Care for Caregivers

Your day starts at around 6:00am. You struggle to keep your 3 kids occupied while you conduct two Zoom meetings. Your mother, whose assisted living is on lockdown, is lonely and also needs to get to a medical appointment. You struggle to provide reassurance to your kids as they ask unending questions about the pandemic, […]

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How Yoga Helps Children with Special Needs

Children with special needs often receive care from an entire team of therapists and physicians, and many occupational therapists are beginning to incorporate yoga into their therapy sessions. While traditional therapies may address particular issues, yoga for special needs children addresses the entire child. Yoga includes meditation techniques, breathing exercises, and physical postures. It’s the […]

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