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3 Ways to Help Autistic Children Adjust to Changes In Their Routine

If a change in routine causes anxiety in your child, it can be difficult for them to readjust. Children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) often require stability and routine to manage daily challenges. Routine can make them feel comforted and in control. However, sometimes major changes can’t be avoided. Here, we’ll dive into 3 ways […]

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5 Tips for Parenting a Child with Special Needs

Parenting a child with special needs is certainly a joyful, busy and rewarding job but sometimes it cannot be done alone. No two children are alike, and you can’t expect each day to follow a blueprint or each milestone to fall into place like bricks in a path. Your child and their needs are unique, […]

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Questions You Should Ask Your Child’s ABA Therapist

ABA therapy is a form of therapy used to encourage positive behavior and promote change. If you are wondering what to expect from ABA therapy, there are a number of questions to ask an ABA therapist in your area. Infinite Therapy Solutions provides in-home ABA therapy to help your child succeed.

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How At Home Pediatric Therapy Solutions Can Make Life Easier This Winter

The winter months can be a challenge for any family living in Hudson County, NJ. From the unexpected snow storms to the dips in temperatures and long travel delays, taking children to their therapy sessions can quickly become a hassle throughout the winter season. Fortunately, at home pediatric therapy sessions are an easy way to implement […]

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