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How ABA Therapy Can Help Non Verbal Children Speak?

Children with autism and other spectrum disorders often find it difficult to communicate. Parents of non-verbal children often see them become more and more isolated because they don’t know how to effectively express their needs or wants. There are several skills that can be taught to your child that will open up a new world

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Autism Transition Planning and Your Child

When your child is diagnosed with autism, learning autism transition strategies can make going back to school easier. ABA therapy for autism is designed to help your child make progress on treatment goals and maintain the skills they have learned over the years. With in-home therapy, your child can continue the work they do in

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Applied Behavioral Analysis in West Orange for Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder

ABA therapy for children is a specialized type of therapy that addresses specific behaviors. It is often used for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) as it can target behaviors in a measurable way. If your child has poor social skills, struggles with communication, or needs assistance with basic personal care needs, children’s ABA therapy

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What is ABA Therapy for Children?

Learning your child has Autism Spectrum Disorder can be a challenging and stressful moment. Parents often fear their child will fall further and further behind their peers in social, cognitive, language, academic, and other skills. Making matters more difficult, strategies that work with other children with disabilities are often ineffective for children with Autism.