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What is the Proper Pencil Grip Development for Children?

Why is My Child Holding the Pencil This Way?

The proper way to hold a pencil is developed over time. When a child first begins to grasp objects, you will see a fisted grab. Young children first develop gross motor skills, using the larger muscles of the hand to grab a pencil in their fist. The drawing action comes all the way from the shoulder, and the control your child has over what is produced on paper is limited. (more…)

What is ABA Therapy for Children?

What is ABA Therapy for Children?

Learning your child has Autism Spectrum Disorder can be a challenging and stressful moment. Parents often fear their child will fall further and further behind their peers in social, cognitive, language, academic, and other skills. Making matters more difficult, strategies that work with other children with disabilities are often ineffective for children with Autism. (more…)

Finding Out If Your Child Needs Occupational Therapy And How It Can Help

What is Occupational Therapy for Children and How Can it Help?

Buttoning a jacket, tying a shoe, tolerating noisy crowds – it is easy to take these skills for granted. But for many children, learning these tasks is challenging. Occupational therapists specialize in helping children with and without disabilities master these and related skills. (more…)

Why Is My Child Not Speaking? How To Know If Your Child May Need Speech Therapy

Why is My Child Not Speaking? How to Know if Speech Therapy is Needed

You just can’t wait to hear your child’s first words, so when those first words are slow to come it can be both disappointing and worrisome. You’re left wondering, why is my child not speaking? Is there a problem? Should I be considering speech therapy for toddlers?

The good news – most kids that talk late actually catch up without a problem. However, it’s important to know what’s normal and be familiar with the signs your child could have a speech or language delay that requires therapy. (more…)