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Everything You Need to Know About How To Stop Toe Walking

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Toe walking occurs for a number of reasons. There are multiple options available for correction, including braces for toe walking. However, if you’re looking for how to stop toe walking completely, therapies can be helpful in easing the process and creating comfortable habits. If your child complains about pain in toes, or is diagnosed with autism and is a toe walker, it’s time to learn more about how toe walking is treated.


How At Home Pediatric Therapy Can Make Your Life Easier This Winter

In home children’s therapy, At home therapy for kids, At home pediatric therapy

The winter months can be a challenge for any family living in Hudson County, NJ. From the unexpected snow storms to the dips in temperatures and long travel delays, taking children to their therapy sessions can quickly become a hassle throughout the winter season. Fortunately, at home pediatric therapy sessions are an easy way to implement a routine to help you and your child breeze through the winter months.


Music Therapy – An Innovative and Engaging Treatment for Children of All Abilities

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Music therapy is much more than finding the right song to fit the mood. It is a research-based allied health profession that uses music to help patients achieve nonmusical goals. Music therapy is an innovative and powerful intervention to improve:

  • Cognitive skills, such as impulse control
  • Social skills, including sharing, turn taking, and social communication
  • Motor skills, including both fine and gross motor movements

Music therapy for children with disabilities is especially effective, including children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

How Yoga Helps Children with Special Needs

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Children with special needs often receive care from an entire team of therapists and physicians, and many occupational therapists are beginning to incorporate yoga into their therapy sessions. While traditional therapies may address particular issues, yoga for special needs children addresses the entire child. Yoga includes meditation techniques, breathing exercises, and physical postures. It’s the combination of these tools that can prove so beneficial for children with special needs and abilities.

Applied Behavioral Analysis in West Orange for Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder

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ABA therapy for children is a specialized type of therapy that addresses specific behaviors. It is often used for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) as it can target behaviors in a measurable way. If your child has poor social skills, struggles with communication, or needs assistance with basic personal care needs, children’s ABA therapy works as a step-by-step approach to teaching your child to improve their performance. Children who get ABA specific therapy often have less of a need for specialized services in school or in the home.

Expressive Language Delay and Autism: Late Talkers Speech Therapy

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Worried that your child isn’t talking yet? In many cases, there’s no cause for alarm when a child is a late talker. Most children will develop language skills in their own time, and some develop language faster than others.

However, since it’s estimated that between 15-25% of young children have some type of communication disorder, it’s important to know when it’s time to seek help. Children that speak less than 10 words by the time they’re age 18-20 months old are considered late talkers, and language delays are especially common in children who have autism. (more…)

Infinite Therapy Solutions Testimonial: See What This Client Had to Say About Us

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At Infinite Therapy Solutions, we are proud to offer both clinic and in-home physical therapy, behavioral therapy, speech and language therapy, and occupational therapy. We pride ourselves on meeting the needs of your child – no matter what level or type of therapy they need to succeed. (more…)

Tips for Trick or Treating with Sensory Processing Disorder

Sensory processing disorder and halloween, Sensory processing disorder and trick or treating, Sensory activities for halloween, Sensory processing tips for halloween

With October 31st rapidly approaching, our team at Infinite Therapy Solutions in Hudson County, NJ is ready to help you have a successfully spooky Halloween! We’re happy to address your questions about how to co-manage your child’s sensory processing disorder and trick or treating so you and your family can have a fun, engaging, and safe experience. (more…)

Down syndrome Facts for Down syndrome Awareness Month

Down syndrome facts, People with down syndrome, Interesting facts about down syndrome, Down syndrome characteristics

It’s October, which means here at Infinite Therapy Solutions, our community is celebrating National Down Syndrome Awareness Month! To help others learn more about people with Down syndrome, we’re sharing a few interesting facts about this common condition. (more…)

What You Need to Know About Sensory Processing Disorder in Children

Sensory issues in toddlers, Sensory processing disorder in children, Sensory disorder in toddlers

Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) was originally associated with autism. In fact, for many years it was considered a “symptom” of Autism until a breakthrough study conducted in 2013 found that there was a biological basis to the study separating it from other types of neurological disorders. New research has found that your child can have this disorder even if they don’t have Autism. (more…)