Does Your Child Need Behavioral Therapy?

Our Children's Licensed Therapists Are Here To Help

When your child is having trouble with tantrums or overstimulation, find help at Infinite Therapy Solutions. We have a licensed behavior analyst on staff who will perform a complete evaluation of your child. The primary goal of the evaluation is for children to learn their triggers. Once we find out the root of those triggers, we’ll teach you how to reduce them so you and your little one can enjoy a harmonious relationship.

Our children's behavioral therapists are dedicated to finding out what causes your child to throw tantrums or become overstimulated. Children's behavioral services begin in the home environment where calming strategies are practiced. These skills are then generalized in a variety of settings. ABA therapists will take your child to the clinic, the park, a restaurant or the store to practice these techniques so that both the parent and child are able to leave their homes without worry.

Give your child a chance at success that’s free from behavioral issues by working with Infinite Therapy Solutions in Bayonne. Call 862-223-8002 now to schedule an appointment with our licensed children's behavioral therapists today.

We’ll help your child reach critical milestones

The experts at Infinite Therapy Solutions in Bayonne are dedicated to helping your little one enjoy the benefits of therapy by achieving the skills they need. Besides behavioral therapy, we can also help you with physical therapy, speech, language and occupational therapy.

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Socially Savvy

Social Skills Group

Social skills groups are offered in our clinic to provide children experiencing difficulties interacting with their peers and adults an opportunity to learn functional pragmatic skills. These specialized groups are designed to help children learn and improve the specific skills needed to address various social challenges they may face in the community. ITS is offering a uniquely designed social skills group that is devised to develop and enhance social communication and peer awareness through role-playing, peer interaction, and cooperative play. Each group runs for one hour a week and targets various social goals including establishing and maintaining eye contact, verbal and nonverbal conversational skills, enhancing peer awareness, understanding body language, developing problem solving skills and self-regulation skills. These groups are appropriate for children who are demonstrating delays or difficulties with socialization, including children with ADD/ADHD, autism, anxiety, and learning disabilities. These groups are offered for children age four and up and are formed based on age and developmental level.

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