3 Ways Occupational Therapy Can Help Your Child’s Motor Skills

 If you are asking yourself why would a child need occupational therapy, it's time to consider what an occupational therapist does. Your child may be struggling to meet development milestones. When your child has poor fine motor skills, an occupational therapist can help your child improve these skills. Your child may have difficulty grasping objects, cutting, learning how to tie shoes or an inability to fasten buttons. Occupational therapy works on these skills one step at a time.

Review of the Occupational Therapy Development Chart

It's important to remember that development charts are based on a range, and it's not time to panic if your child isn't meeting milestones exactly on time. It is when your child begins to fall far behind other children their age that occupational therapy may be recommended. Your child's therapist will take a careful look at your child's current abilities and develop a treatment plan to address any areas that need improvement. 

Occupational Therapy for Kids

Your child's treatment plan will depend on what motivates your child, what their goals are and what you hope your child gains from occupational therapy. Each child works at their own pace, and each treatment plan is unique. You will work with your child's therapist to establish goals and learn ways to support your child and their progress.

Creating a Reward System

Children need motivation in order to change behavior. When working with an occupational therapist, your child may get easily frustrated. A reward system is useful in keeping your child motivated to keep trying. A reward system can be simple, such as a sticker chart, or it can be more complex. For example, your child can earn bigger rewards as stickers build up.

Helping Your Child In Between Sessions

In-home occupational therapy can give your child the opportunity they need to build on their skills. You will be asked to support the treatment plan in between sessions and will be taught ways to keep your child's progress on target. When you are able to supplement the treatment that the therapist provides, your child is going to make more gains.

Hurdles to Occupational Therapy for Kids

Some children are resistant to getting any kind of therapy. If you are already struggling to get your child to comply with occupational therapy, it becomes even harder when the therapy is at a clinic. In-home occupational therapy removes the hurdle of getting your child to the appointment. Your therapist will work around your schedule, and your child gets the treatment they need while in familiar surroundings. If you don't have transportation, in-home therapy is the answer. Why would a child need occupational therapy, Occupational therapy child development chart, Occupational therapy for kids, Examples of fine motor skills

Your Child's Development and Therapeutic Intervention

When your child is struggling with independence because of an inability to tie shoes or secure buttons, occupational therapy can help. Your child may not be far behind developmentally, and they could catch up with support. To teach your child the skills they need to succeed, an occupational therapist will create a treatment plan with defined goals. Together you will support your child, making it possible for your child to learn new skills that they can build on. When your child is in need of occupational therapy for kids, Infinite Therapy Solutions is ready to help. We provide support and guidance to help your child succeed. Our therapist may:

  • Provide you with examples of fine motor skills and talk to you about why they are so important.
  • Implement the use of an occupational therapy child development chart to help establish goals.
  • Encourage your child at their own pace.
  • Give your child the occupational therapy they need in the comfort of your own home.

To learn more about the ways occupational therapy can benefit your child, contact Infinite Therapy Solutions today in Bayonne at 201-455-3144, or at our West Orange Clinic at 973-939-6280.