What to Expect When Seeking Pediatric Therapy at Infinite Therapy Solutions

Having a child with special needs often means needing physical, speech, or occupational therapy. Each of these types of training can be critical to help your child hit their developmental milestones and gain mastery and confidence in various life skills. Infinite Therapy Solutions can provide the essential training your child needs, from passionate therapists who want to see you and your family thrive.

However, what goes into a therapy session, and what should you expect going in? Let’s take a look at how therapy at Infinite functions, how we engage with your child, and how we can help you continue the training at home.

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From the moment you step foot in the door, we want to get to know you and your child. The more we know about your family, the better we can create a therapy plan to help address your child’s needs. Our intake will gather relevant medical data but we’ll also use tools to get measurements of your child’s ability in the areas in which therapy is needed.

Standardized testing gives us an idea of the specific interventions we need to utilize for your child, where they excel, and what could use some additional help. It also helps us get to know you and your family better. We care about you, not just as clients, but we want to see your child confident and capable. Compassionate, involved staff make therapy more effective, and that’s our goal at Infinite.


Once we have completed the intake, we can start working on the goals you want to see. We will address your concerns and determine the best path forward to address them, using the functional assessments measured during the intake process. Having a set of goals in place for your child helps us determine how well they are progressing in their therapy, what adjustments need to be made, and how we can improve each session.

We will also set up a consistent meeting time for your sessions during goal-setting. Consistency is the key to learning and so coming at the same time on the same days will help your child improve much faster than a sporadic, shifting therapy schedule.

Treatment Planning

This is different from goal setting, as we’re now in the practical phase of things. Treatment planning takes the goals we’ve set and applied therapy to them to help make them into reality. In addition to implementing therapy and monitoring the outcomes, we will also devise a homework schedule so you can continue working with your child daily between sessions.

Routines are critically important to children, and in particular for those undergoing therapy. Being able to do these at-home exercises will help your child improve between meetings with us, but also lose less of what they’ve learned between sessions.

Explain and Train

Now the fun begins, as we can start helping your child gain mastery over their motor, occupational, and speech skills. As they improve, you’ll see their confidence grow and you’ll be a part of their therapy too, with the at-home work that we prescribe for them. Consistent training, functional routines, and a desire to see your child succeed are a part of every training session and plan.

Pediatric physical therapy questions, pediatric physical therapy evaluation, what kinds of equipment do physical therapists use, gross motor skills, muscle tone, children

The Importance of Consistent Training

Nothing will help your child flourish more than consistent training, positive routines, and your direct involvement with their therapy. Infinite underlines the importance of all three, ensuring your child has everything they need to thrive in therapy sessions and at home.

Particularly during the pandemic, we are being extremely vigilant about sanitization, screening, and COVID safety. We want our staff and your family to have a healthy, happy, and safe therapy experience.

Key Takeaways:

At Infinite Therapy Solutions, we have many qualified pediatric therapists.  Our staff will pair you with the proper service according to your child’s needs.  Your child’s therapist will go over each therapy with you. They will give you an idea as to how it works and what the desired results will be and will help you get accustomed to using the tools that go along with each exercise.

  • Consistency is important for your child’s development in their therapy sessions.
  • Having sessions be at a certain time and day each week/month provides your child with a routine in their life.
  • Finding a therapist that is compassionate and willing to help your child is very important to see signs of improvement in your child’s condition.
  • Infinite Therapy Solutions is taking COVID-19 precautions to help keep your child’s therapy session routine in their life.

If you live in the Bayonne area of Hudson County and are looking to find the right therapist for your child, contact us today to schedule an appointment at Infinite Therapy Solutions! Learn about our individualized treatment plans and see for yourself the difference we can make in your child’s life!