The Importance of Consistency in Pediatric Therapy

Every child has different needs, including when it comes to the therapy they receive. Therapeutic needs are tied to the specific issues each child faces . So, be it a language delay through anxiety or developmental disorders, trouble managing stress or other issues that require behavioral therapy, problems with movement or otherwise a need for physical therapy — or some combination of those — children need consistent therapy to keep their progress and confidence intact. 

At Infinite Therapy Solutions, we always start with a comprehensive evaluation of each of our patients, where we review goals and work with you to develop a realistic treatment plan. Especially in a time where so much is changing for your child, it’s vital to remember the importance of consistency in child development and especially pediatric therapy.

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Why is routine important for a child?

The importance of consistency in a child’s life is extremely high, for several reasons. The CDC distills these into three ingredients for a stable upbringing: consistency, predictability, and follow-through. These need to apply to home, school, and therapy alike.

Builds a sense of safety 

In order for any therapy to work, your child needs to feel safe and trusting. This is how they can be receptive to the treatment, and receive the most benefit from it. If children know what they can count on for therapy, and also feel valued by having therapy maintained for them (you continue taking time to bring them here and tend to their needs), they will feel safe and valued.

Sets clear expectations

When a child knows what to expect and what is expected of them, it is easier for them to navigate what’s going on around them. We are effectively setting boundaries, and kids can learn how to operate within those boundaries. Children will be better behaved if they can count on the structures built around them. This, in turn, can help them deal with anxiety or other problems they may be facing.

Helps children structure their behaviors

They will know how to act and how best to control their behaviors if the limits within which they need to operate are well-defined. Additionally, as with anyone, children learn to trust their abilities and tackle difficult tasks through consistent therapy. This sets the standard for how they act when they face challenges later in life.

Makes it easier to monitor progress

Frequency and consistency of therapy visits means it will be easier to not just maintain progress, but also to monitor it. This means not just celebrating wins, but also intercepting problems earlier on.

Demonstrates follow-through

By maintaining a consistent treatment regimen, we are giving children a real-life positive example of keeping our word. This also will help strengthen communications with children, outside of just therapy. Children will know that when they discuss something with you, they can rely on you to keep your word; this will likely extend through to the adults they interact with in therapy.

The benefits of consistent therapy for children are clear:

  • Sets clear expectations for their behavior
  • Provides structure within which they can act
  • Easier to monitor progress and growth
  • Shows them they are valued

importance of consistency in a child's life, why is routine important for a child, consistency in child development, behavioral therapy, physical therapy, anxiety

We know that recently, concerns about COVID-19 have driven families to make choices that favor safety above everything else. We’ve taken precautions for rigorous disinfection both daily as well as between visits, which we space out during the day in order to minimize interaction between treatments.

Don’t let  anything get in the way of effective treatment for your child’s needs. Read more about the steps we’ve taken so that you know your child is safe when visiting us for pediatric therapy services in West Orange or Bayonne, New Jersey.