In-Network Benefits With Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield

Realizing that your child needs specialized care for speech, health, or learning difficulties, or that they need physical therapy, can be stressful. Going to regular therapy visits can help improve your child’s life and decrease your own stress, and being in-network with an insurance provider can make these visits even more beneficial.

Infinite Therapy Solutions offers a range of therapies for children who are dealing with developmental delays, recovery from accidents or injuries, or simply need some help hitting milestones. Now partnered with Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield, let’s take a look at how their services could help your family, and what in-network benefits mean for you and your family.

Applied Behavioral Analysis 

ABA focuses on the ways your child on the autism spectrum needs intervention in various sections of daily life. Our therapists will work with you and hear your frustrations and concerns, crafting a plan that includes strategies to reduce your stress and help your child. This analysis can involve physical and speech therapy, as well as occupational training, for your child to help improve their independence and ability to communicate.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy deals with sensory processing issues that can make it difficult for your child to gain mastery over age-appropriate life skills. Regular visits can:

  • Enhance their independence
  • Reduce their stress reaction to triggering stimuli
  • Give them outlets and methods to cope with overwhelm from sensory overload
  • Put them on track to age-appropriate skill mastery

Physical Therapy

Whether your child is having difficulties hitting developmental milestones or recovering from an accident or sports injury, physical therapy can speed up recovery time and makes for better outcomes overall. Regular physical therapy visits increase strength and coordination and help muscles and bones heal faster.

Speech Therapy

For children who have difficulties with speech mastery for one reason or another, speech therapy can dramatically improve their progress. From physical difficulties with speech to stuttering, word confusion, or augmented communication needs, speech therapy is a powerful tool in helping your child learn more easily and communicate more clearly. This reduces stress for them, making their daily lives easier.

In-Network With BCBS Benefits

Blue Cross Blue Shield has recently partnered with Infinite Therapy Solutions, bringing the power of one of the biggest networks in the country to one of New Jersey’s most dedicated physical, speech, and behavioral therapy clinics.

Partnering with BCBS allows us to provide our same high-quality services to a wider range of families and in a more cost-effective way. Since BCBS is a common insurance provider in New Jersey, we are partnering with them in the hopes of reaching children we may not have been able to serve otherwise. Having an in-network provider allows for longer, more frequent visits, which contributes to a child’s mastery and overall confidence. 

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Key Takeaways:

You should always do your best to get an insurer and therapist that work together within the same network. If you are in-network for BCBS and looking to work with Infinite Therapy Solutions, you’ll get:

  • The lowest price (in the vast majority of cases) per visit compared to working with out-of-network providers
  • High-quality pediatric therapy for behavioral, occupational, physical, and speech struggles
  • A team of dedicated professionals who support your child and your family

This should not be a deterrent for those who are not in the BCBS network. Our therapists work with other insurers and people who are uninsured as well. Our goal is to give each child we treat the best chance for positive, healthy development in speech, physical coordination, and life skills. We understand that therapy is the best solution for children who are having difficulties, and our programs are tailored to your child’s specific needs to give them the best possible outcomes.

We are currently accepting new patients, and you can contact us today to get started on improving your child’s life, one session at a time.