Parent Testimonial: How Infinite Therapy Solutions Empowers Families

Choosing a therapy center for your children can be so overwhelming. At Infinite Therapy Solutions, we are with you every step of the way to ensure success at home, school, and with friends.

We are well-known in the Bayonne and West Orange communities for excellent relationships with educators, pediatricians, and other childhood professionals. Our combined 40-plus years of experience include physical and occupational therapy, speech-language pathology, and behavioral therapy.

We invite you to learn how one parent feels about her experiences working with ITS.

Q: I understand you have two children who were treated at Infinite Therapy Solutions?

A: Yes. Jocelyn had Poonam for physical therapy. Gianna has Meg for occupational therapy and Suzanne for physical therapy.


Q: What brought you here?

A: A friend of mine is a special education teacher. She worked with a physical therapist that did early intervention. She knew I was looking for someone with experience in physical and occupational therapy for children and she recommended them.

Gianna is on the autism spectrum. We decided to discontinue OT services with another clinic. I brought her here because they were so confident about what they could do for my daughters.


Q: Did Infinite Therapy Solutions help your daughters reach their treatment goals?

A: Yes definitely. My younger daughter, Jocelyn kept falling all the time. They figured out that one of her legs turned inward. They strengthened the weaker leg so that both legs were balanced. She got so much better that she didn’t need any more therapy.

Gianna looks forward to therapy and misses not being there. They always have everything planned out so she gets the most out of every session.


Q: How has Infinite Therapy helped you, as a parent, progress towards goals while at home?

A: They give parents excellent training and feedback. Our therapists have taught us so much about the sensory overload that Gianna gets sometimes.


Q: How has this changed life for your girls and your family in general?

A: The parent training helps my whole family. All I need to do is text one of the therapists if I need to bounce something off of them. You tell them what’s going on at school and they’re so willing to help.

The therapists are always so informative, especially Meg. She provides occupational therapy for children at schools. She knows that what happens in school isn’t always what you’re going to get at the clinic.


Q: Are the owners receptive to questions or concerns?

A: Absolutely! They did a treatment in which their coach was working with physical and occupational therapy during the same session. This was so beneficial for Gianna. They all work together so well!


Q: So I am guessing from your overall experience, that you would recommend Infinite Therapy Solutions?

A: I always recommend them. Our pediatrician asked where Gianna goes because she sees such improvement. She recommends them to other families.


Q: Is there anything else you’d like to mention?

A: Poonam puts the teams together. Everyone communicates so well and is always on the same page, which is really nice as a parent.


family testimonial for physical therapy services

Key Takeaways:

At Infinite Therapy Solutions, we are committed to:

  • Success for your children at home, school, and with friends.
  • Parent training that empowers you to do the very best for your child.
  • Excellent communication with teachers, caregivers, and other professionals.
  • Individualized treatment plans that are right for your child.

It’s so exciting to hear the success stories when parents take their kids to us! We are proud of the positive impact we have made on children and families. Contact Infinite Therapy Solutions today to learn about our therapy services. We would be honored to help you figure out how to best help your child.